illustration of a freelance video producer job

Who is a freelance video producer and how to become one

First of all, let’s go through the definition of a producer and what types of freelance producer jobs are there.

A producer is a person in the entertainment industry who manages creative, financial, technological and other processes. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in economics, law and world art culture (see the choice of the profession on interest to school subjects).

Producers work in the music business, in theatres, cinema and on television. These managers often have higher education in the field in which they operate. For example, a music producer may have higher education in music and a film producer may have higher education in film directing. Also, some universities now have special faculties that train managers in the field of show business.

A producer must have intuition, which helps him determine whether a project will be popular or not. Special knowledge in PR, marketing and advertising will also help him.

Music video producer

A music producer is engaged in the organization and promotion of musical projects. At the initial stage, he analyzes the music market and according to this he comes up with a project concept (e.g. an album), determines the style of the future material, how many people will be involved, selects the material, finds the performers, etc. Further, he looks for money for the realization of his plans. (Usually, sponsors are investors who hope to get a financial return). The producer chooses the studio to record the music material, select sound engineers and controls the recording process itself. He also promotes artists, thinks over their image, supervises the work of photographers, image-makers, stylists, makeup artists, etc. He distributes songs on the radio for their rotation, selects a creative team for shooting video clips, which will then be shown on television.

Besides all this, the producer organizes concerts and tours. Of course, throughout the work, he solves financial issues.

illustration of a freelance video producer job

Theatrical producer

A theater producer organizes theater productions. He comes up with a plot or chooses a ready-made play for the future performance, comes up with a general concept of the production, conducts a casting, and so on. Besides creative tasks, the producer solves various administrative and economic issues. In particular, he finds money for the production, appeals to investors or the bank for a loan, monitors the expenditure of these funds, if necessary, solves problems with the premises (concludes a lease agreement). In addition to actors, he also hires other participants in the process: a theatre director, a director.

Theatre producer sets ticket prices, the number and time of screenings, and deals with advertising issues.

Film Producer 

The film’s producer organizes the financing, production, and distribution of the film. In other words, he creates the conditions for the creation of the film and its coming to the mass audience. The film producer chooses the script, seeks money in the form of private investment or state support, invites the director, director, actors, and technical staff. He organizes the film’s shooting and editing, develops a strategy for promoting the film, concludes contracts with distribution companies for the distribution of the film.

Video games producer

The video game producer’s role is as manager of a project, or a major part of a project. He or she has the responsibility of putting together and managing a team of engineers, designers, and artists; describing, scheduling and monitoring tasks; and making sure the project is headed in the right direction.

How to become a video game producer?

99% of what I need to know you can find out using tutorials and just putting myself out there.

Study all you can on the internet as far as ideas and methods mentioned further. Read photography books and articles to understand composition, lighting, etc. Find videos on the internet from Directors and D.P’s on how they film their projects. Film as frequently as possible. Go online and offer yourself as a cheap PA to get on sets and see what others are doing. Try and get people to pay you to make small things for them so you can implement all of this knowledge you are amassing and gradually raise your rates as you learn what you need for different projects. (better than doing it for free).

Never stop learning. 

What does a video producer do?

The producer of the television channel is responsible for the functioning of the television channel as a whole. He deals with issues ranging from thinking up television show ideas to personnel decisions. Therefore there are two groups of television producers. One is responsible for the creative concept of the channel, budget issues and contracting with partners. The others report to the main producer, dealing with specific projects and programs. Many television programs are produced by independent television studios, which sell their products to the channels. These studios are also run by producers. Sometimes, if the studio is small, the producer has to be not only the director but also the performer.

Where to look for video producer jobs?

  • Behance. 
  • LinkedIn. 
  • Simply Hired. 
  • Mandy. 
  • ProductionHUB. 
  • Stage 32.

What is the video producer’s salary?

The nationwide average income for a Video Producer in the United States is $55,955 per year or $26.9 per hour. All those in the lower 10 percent make under $32,000 a year, and the top 10 percent make over $97,000. Media companies and Professional companies tend to have the highest possible accumulation of employment in this field.

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