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Ka-ching and chic: how to score a dream job of a freelance model

Well, what girl doesn’t want to repeat Tyra Banks, Natalia Vodianova or Irina Shake’s amazing career? Although, almost everyone is sure that offers of cooperation from the world’s brands can be easily obtained by walking on the podium once or spinning in front of a camera more or less famous photographer. Perhaps, this is exactly what will happen to you, but do not forget that the modeling business is not only beautiful shooting on the Côte d’Azur, Dior catwalk shows and parties with first magnitude stars, it is also sleepless nights, constant flights and a lot of work. Moreover, looks do not always play a major role. If weighing all the pros and cons, you still dared to take this hard, but exciting way, we suggest you get accustomed to where it is worth starting.

10 years ago, the question “What data do you need to have to become a model?” was a specific answer: “High height (preferably from 175 cm), long legs, compliance with parameters Today everything has changed – in a world where you can be called a model, an influencer and an activist at the same time, the strict framework is no longer relevant.

Thanks to social networks, the model has become more than just a face on the cover of a fashion magazine or a “clothes hanger”. Now it is a self-sufficient person with his history and opinion. External data, considered synonymous with beauty, is sometimes irrelevant to this profession. Take, for example, the top model and activist Advoa Aboa, who won the Model of the Year Award 2017 from the British Fashion Council. Her zest – an unusual appearance, coupled with a complicated story about the fight against addiction and depression.

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What is a freelance model and where to begin?

 I suggest you start by checking out, where you can find all the information regarding officially registered agencies around the world. Choose the ones that you like and think you might be right for you. It’s best to introduce yourself to an in-person meeting, if possible, to go to the city where the agency is located for at least a day. Once the manager can evaluate you live, he may be able to offer you a contract. But even if it didn’t happen, you shouldn’t put your hands down right away. Visit two or three different agencies, listen to different opinions and look at the offers. If you’ve been turned down by several agencies at once, just try yourself in some other case.

Also, be vigilant if the agency offers to pay you some amount to start a partnership, leave at once. Many unscrupulous agencies take money to create portfolios and end up not even looking for work for freelance models.

Necessary parameters

Online and social media have had a big impact on the list of requirements for models. “Of course, there are certain modeling parameters, but having a slender body, long legs, and pretty looks are not enough to become a model. Today, a successful career requires much more: hard work, pleasant character, glee, sociability and willingness to go to work at any time. A fashion design model can not afford a day off if she is booked to shoot.


You can start a modeling career from 13 to 21 years. If you’re younger, it’s too early, it’s too late. Although, not without exceptions everywhere, of course.

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Required parameters of a fashion design model

Yeah, the plus-size fashion is gaining momentum right now. But no matter how you spin it, there’s a demand for models without lush forms. Parameters may vary, but you should focus on 86-91 (bust) – 58-63 (waist) – 86-90 (thighs). Do not forget about the growth, it should be no less than 170 cm.

Girls with growth below standard parameters should not get upset. They can also build a successful career in modeling and earn a lot. If before such models were suitable only for shooting Bluetooth, but with the popularity of online shopping they have more opportunities to work. The more so today the trend is for non-standard models. It is not to say that magazines and shows are full of such dummies, but many designers invite and models plus size, and adult women. The growing market of influencers also gives green light to atypical models – if you have many subscribers and high activity in social networks, it will be one of the decisive factors for the client”.

How much is the fashion model salary?

Of course, we all remember Linda Evangelista’s well-known phrase: “For less than $10,000 I won’t even get out of bed” and the impressive fees of her workshop colleagues in the 1990s, but, as Alexina Graham says, with modern reality it has little in common. “I started my modeling career when I was 18 and I was making very little for the first five years,” she says. – It wasn’t until my sixth year that my fees became more substantial, and by that time I was ready to give up everything. The key to success and high fashion model salary is hard work. You have to work hard, believe in yourself and not give up halfway through. And I was also very lucky with the hooker, which is also important.

Advice for Newcomers to score freelance model jobs

Understanding how the industry works is the first step towards success. Study fashion photography, keep an eye on good photographers and other fashion design models. Watch them move in the frame, pose, walk on the podium. She also recommends that you stay in shape and lead a healthy life. The modeling profession is hard work that requires a lot of dedication. Those who are at the top today are advanced versions of themselves, as well as athletes or dancers. And all efforts are worth it – you will get to know talented people, travel, make good money. Every day will be different from the previous one. Yes, there are difficult periods, but when everything is good, the freelance model’s work is a dream job.

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Choosing a modeling agency that promotes a freelance model for hire

Unfortunately, there are a lot of swindlers in the fashion world now, so if you dream about a catwalk, you need to be able to choose the perfect agency that will make your dreams come true. So, pay attention to the following:

  • How long the agency works and whether it has a permanent address.
  • Does the agency have its fashion model directory, and whether there are stars of the model business of the country among them.
  • Scammers often conduct paid castings.
  • A professional agency does not require an expensive portfolio or a course in its own modeling school, which also costs some cash. Furthermore, many experts offer free training that promotes the growth and formation of their freelance models for hire.

image of a freelance model article

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