Ideas to make money with 3d printer

On the 3D printer, you can print products for various consumer areas. The 3D printer is simply created for small businesses. It has given people an accessible new possibility, worthily earning and doing their favorite business. What sold products can be printed on a 3D printer to start a home business? The household 3D-printer has been appropriated still while modest characteristics, but if to analyze them in detail it is possible to see a wide spectrum of satisfaction of consumers of exclusive goods of small-scale manufacture. From toys to printed shoes.

It is possible to organize the Internet shop of exclusive goods and as orders to print production on sale. This way you can manage the trade in the store without any leftovers in stock. Also, the technology of volume printing will allow many people to realize their innovative ideas. Useful inventions now it is possible to test and sharpen in house conditions without the big monetary expenses. Below we will analyze in more detail all spheres of application of the household 3D-printer in small or house business.

You can print a wide range of products on a 3D printer

There are lots of ways to make money with 3d printer. Let’s consider everything that it is possible to print on the 3D-printer for the organization of successful small business in house conditions. At first, we will define the general characteristic of made production. For this purpose we will pay attention to industrial features of the device for 3D crafts:

Advantages of home production organized using the 3D-printer for 3000$:

  • high accuracy;
  • the press with the good permission;
  • low price for raw materials;
  • support both kinds of plastic.


  • low productivity;
  • product dimensions are limited (within 30 cm).

And remember: you could always rent a 3d printer instead of buying it.

Taking into account these features of production it is possible to characterize with confidence the main category of manufactured products. These will be exclusive goods of high quality made of plastics of small series production. Well, some other products are outside this category. 

3D printer business ideas

The following products can be printed on a 3D printer:

1. Exclusive accessories:

  • Cases with modern design for smartphones and tablets;
  • original key chains (with emblems, with animals, with feng shui elements, etc.);
  • business card holders in corporate style;
  • souvenir caskets.

2. Souvenir production:

  • Miniatures of outstanding architectural buildings;
  • statuettes of sculptures and engineering structures;
  • mini-copies of people created on their photos;
  • costume jewelry (beautiful rings, bracelets).

3. Tools for fashion designers:

  • you can print shoes with a unique design on a 3D printer;
  • items for clothing (stylish buttons or rivets);
  • various hairpins, hoops, crowns, etc.

4. Exclusive toys for children:

  • Heroes of cartoons and computer games;
  • bases for flocking and design of toy animals;
  • details of complex structures and mechanisms for adding into one big toy;
  • designers for modeling.

5. Things for home:

  • exclusive dishes with different design forms;
  • decorative elements for interior design;
  • unique fittings for furniture;
  • original prefabricated furniture for children.
  • Copies of broken or worn-out details. Here you can find all kinds of options: plastic gears, bushings, caps, seals, buttons, latches, etc.

6. Training stands. For example car structure, molecular structure, DNA mock-up, human device, etc. And also tools and means for laboratory work.

7. Outdoor advertising design (inscriptions, 3D logos, etc.).

Some masters on the 3D-printer print details of 3D-printers of certain models. Thus, it is possible to think even about the manufacture of own 3D-printers of simple models. It automatically leads to the idea not only to copy but also to scale these surprising robotized computer devices.

So if you were wondering can you make money print on demand – the answer is yes! 

3D image trade for printing on 3D printers

The 3D printer is a revolutionary device for home 3d printing business. Now the implementation of good industrial ideas has become available to small businesses. More creative people will be able to implement and develop themselves, earning a living, and doing what they love at the same time.

One should take into account the predicted growth of competition. But fair competition is good rather than bad. Shortly the 3D-printer will become a household device. It means that there will be a new important change in the modern world. The number of consumers of 3D models created in programs for 3D modeling will grow. This fact will affect the first opportunity to earn make money 3d printing from the popularity of household three-dimensional printing devices. Not a single printer! Today, there are already several drains on the sale of three-dimensional images (3D models). And in a year the demand which will raise the price for works of 3D designers and engineers will take off. After all, it is easy to imagine how people congratulate each other by e-mail or in social networks, but as a gift will send not electronic “cool” cards, and files ready 3D models. The birthday boy can print them on his household 3D printer and get his useful gift. It is important to note that one file can be sold a huge number of times.

To the list of ideas on a theme: “What can be printed on the 3D printer?” it is necessary to add an item: “trade-in files for 3D printers”. Thanks to the 3D-printer it is possible to earn even before its presence. Trade-in 3D images are the first and passive income from sales of files for the 3D-press from plastic. To learn 3D design it is necessary to start already today that tomorrow to be one of the first among sellers.

Innovative inventions using 3D printers

An excellent example of how you can print your idea on a 3D printer and bring it to life, giving the world a new useful invention. Doug Gonterman and Jessica Linebury brought their innovative product to life with a 3D printer. They invented a spoon that helps children learn to eat on their own faster without dirtying themselves and everything around them.

From safe plastic, home inventors printed two kinds of inventions. A through-hole spoon with an unusual shape – for thick porridge. And a spoon with special recesses for liquid food. But to get the best result, you had to go through a series of tests. And those spoons, which turned out with the best effect, significantly different from the test versions. To make inventive work, repeated testing, perfecting of products for the achievement of the best result 3D-press technology has allowed. And how many more ideas are stored in thoughts of small and house businessmen whom people will admire many times.

Choose 3D printers for small businesses 

What to know when choosing a 3D printer for small and home 3d printing business:

  1. Price. Various offers can be found on the Internet. But if you buy a printer for the manufacture of unique and high-quality products for sale, then aside less than $ 1000 is not worth looking at. You should also consider the price of consumables. Booms with plastic thread are in the price range, from $ 35 to $ 55 per 1 kg. (depending on color and quality of plastic). At purchase it is necessary to consider the manufacturer of the device as for today there are very few official representatives and there can be problems with the delivery of spare parts.
  2. Support of plastic types. Plastic for household 3D-printers is made of oil products – ABS-plastic or from renewed resources (from corn or a sugar cane) – PLA-plastic. From the second make plastic ware and plastic toys for small children. ABS-plastic is more heat-resistant and durable. But when choosing a 3D printer is better when there is support for two types of plastic threads.
  3. The diameter of the printing nozzle. The maximum permission of the press an important characteristic for each kind of printer. Already today on sale there are household 3D printers that can print a strip imperceptible to a human eye (50 microns). And finished products turn out smooth. 250 microns is a cheap printer. 100 microns is quite enough for house production. On the other hand, lower quality printing takes less time.
  4. Limitation on the size of the finished product. Cheap 3D printers print details up to 12 cubic centimeters. The printer for 3000$ is capable to print details in volume to 30 cubic centimeters and weight to 5 kg. It is necessary to consider the possibility of made products to fold or stick together from several details. This fact significantly affects the ability to go beyond the maximum size of the printed parts with a three-dimensional printer.
  5. Multi-color printing of models. Make volume 3D-press multicolor only the most expensive models of printers can. At them some printing heads which are combined in the course of work. The given item does not play the major role in house manufacture, therefore it is better to save here, and products can be painted over manually. Or you can produce a single item with several separate parts, changing the color of the thread for each of them.

Taking into account the above-described tips for analyzing the characteristics when choosing a device, you can take as an example the price/performance ratio of the Cubify 3D Printer model.

How much do 3D printers cost

The technology of 3D printing has actively gained popularity and is constantly being developed and improved. Though now there are several lacks at the technology of the 3D-press (low speed, restriction in the sizes) at the growth of requirements and business expansion it is possible to print not one 3D-printer. Besides progress does not cost on a place.

Company HP (Hewlett-Packard) has declared the release of the new model of the 3D-printer specially focused on small business. The most important competitive advantage of the new device is:

The higher speed of the 3D-press at the expense of an innovative principle of work which will differ from a usual extrusion.

Relatively not high price – 15000$.

Considering such a price it is clear that company intentions are aimed at industrial small business and 3D-press services. For household purposes, it will be difficult to find the buyer. The volume press of 3D models is, certainly, a perspective direction for small businesses. To learn modeling technology in 3D graphics it is necessary to start now. It’s time for new opportunities. On expensive industrial 3D printers today print two-story houses in 24 hours. There will come a time, their price becomes accessible to small businesses.

How to start a business with 3D printers

It would seem that the crisis puts an end to the desire of people to try something fashionable and expensive. But it was not there: Ukrainians are still actively interested in the flagship models of laptops and mobile phones, if possible, acquire for themselves or their children popular now gyro scooters, watching the novelties of the film and gaming industry. Such interest should create an appropriate offer in the market of goods and services, experts say, because if the business does not follow the interests of potential customers, he sooner or later choked in the crowd of competitors. “Now the world relies on the development of technology in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics and, of course, 3D-printing. No one will be surprised anymore, say, by a journey in virtual reality glasses or by order at a dessert restaurant printed on a culinary 3D printer. Such innovations are also applied by Ukrainian business”, – says Andriy Zablovskyy, Head of the Secretariat of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers. According to experts, so far the domestic business has been using new technologies mainly in the manufacture of souvenirs, accessories, or as entertainment for children. But the potential for 3D printing is much higher. 

Business plan of the cafe with the printing of souvenirs on the 3D-printer 

1. Project description

We open at the Yummy 3D Cafe. We’ll make coffee and desserts. And everyone can order from us a souvenir production on a 3D printer, which is done while the visitor enjoys coffee (for printing at least half an hour), or buy a model printed earlier. By calculations, if daily 10 visitors will buy souvenirs under the check-in $15, and 30 clients will drink coffee with desserts on the check on $5, the project will pay off approximately in a year.

2. Start-up capital

Buy equipment: 3D printer, refrigerators, cookers, scales, hoods, water heater, kitchen, microwave, tables, racks, electric kettle, fryer, pancakes, pans, pans, knives, etc. Equipment and furniture will be used, and 3D printer – new. We’ll settle for $15,000. You will also need laptops, cell phones, safe, cash register, stationery, consumables for 3D-printing (plastic). It will take up to $3000. Another 2$1000 is needed for a stock of dishes, products. 

3. Marketing, advertising.

We focus on families, young people, and middle-aged people, and organize Euromenus (tiramisu, berry pies). You need a website. For the domain, hosting and technical support will invest money. Let’s create pages in social networks, print business cards, and a flyer, do not forget about promotions. We will also need a sign.

4. Running costs and Payback.

Be sure to calculate the cost of space under the cafe, utilities, Internet, wages, maintenance of food supplies, washing, stationery, consumables for 3D-printing.

Let’s go through a few cases from other countries

Prospects of the introduction of 3D-printers in various branches of the economy were highly appreciated by already leading countries of the world – Japan, China, South Korea, Germany. It also is not surprising: according to the researches of consulting company McKinsey, the global market of the 3D-press will make about $500 billion already shortly. In the Middle East and Central Asia industrial 3D-printers actively use, for example, in the manufacturing of building materials that essentially accelerates and cheapens the creation of homes. Good potential 3D-press has and at household level: now investors study possibilities of working out of the diversified house printers. That is in the future the person can come home, find in the Internet interesting model of clothes – and send it to the press of the 3D-printer. As an option, it will be possible to print medicines if in advance to get the necessary ingredients and to receive a prescription from the doctor. It is possible that in the kitchen 3D-printer will take its rightful place among household appliances for making soups or desserts. In the next three to five years home 3D printers may be widely used.

Therefore businessmen, if they want to keep up with the times and make money 3d printing, now should realize in the business the ideas connected with 3D-printing. The most different foreign projects can become an example here. For example, in London, there is a cafe where all furniture and dishes are printed on the printer. And culinary dishes are made on 3D printers, and visitors can observe the process. However, in such a cafe, besides cooks, engineers with designers work also, after all, clever technics demands to itself the attentive relation. And in New York have realized repair and manufacturing of keys using the 3D-press. For this purpose have made special printers. The person brings in a workshop a key, it is scanned – and literally in a couple of minutes print the similar duplicate! And such examples of the introduction of technologies of the 3D-press in different business ideas – weight. The main thing – to search for 3D-printers the most non-standard applications, after all, it gives more chances that the creative business idea will shoot.

Unique ideas are needed.

That business with 3D-chips has gone upwards, it is necessary to draw the business plan carefully, to find an audience, and to invest gradually that not to risk unnecessary time, businessmen consider. When we started co-coordinating, we did not understand yet, who will be the key client. Therefore, we purchased traditional equipment – coffee machine, microwave, laptops, a printer with a scanner, etc. But over time we needed to allocate space for a small children’s room because visitors repeatedly complained that they have nowhere to leave children. Solved this problem, now we are thinking about how, in addition to entertainment for children, to organize game training for them. To do this, we want to buy 3D pens – to conduct, for example, drawing or modeling lessons. On this idea, we were also pushed by our visitors with children.

It is possible to apply the technologies of the 3D-press and in the usual cafe. Business in the cafe is going well, but in the capital, there are a lot of thematic institutions, and an ordinary cafeteria is easily lost among the masses of funny places to relax. But it would be desirable that on coffee came not only visitors, working or living nearby, but also that people came specially to assess a chip in the cafe. Therefore I think to buy in our cafe 3D-printer on which it would be possible to print small souvenirs while people order to itself coffee with a dessert. While I study variants, but I know that printers can be bought for $800 and above, and the purchase of 500-700 g of plastic for printing will cost approximately $30. That is, in principle, these costs are quite realistic to pull. Another question is whether there will be demand for such chip in the restaurant. So while we are studying the issue, as they say, from all sides. But, based on feedback from our visitors, parents with children or couples in love, such souvenirs would be interesting. Here everything will depend on the cost of the product.

Combining printing and training.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs are trying to implement 3D printers gradually, having initially tried these technologies in the entertainment and educational spheres. 3D-printing so far pleasure for representatives of small and medium businesses is expensive: the printer costs at least $1-2 thousand. Therefore, if entrepreneurs are thinking about trying out 3D-printing in their business, first try to weigh all the risks. As a rule, printers are bought by those businessmen who have free money and who wants to involve clients with a new chip, necessarily having paid off initial expenses. Therefore businessmen initially introduce 3D-printers in habitual directions – entertainments, education, manufacture of souvenirs, and accessories. 

Thus, as he said, the 3D-press of souvenirs or accessories already basically you will not surprise anybody, after all, youth and people of middle age quickly get used to such gifts: Demand in the given niche already through pair-three years can be sated with the offer of 3D-press offices where can offer to print a figure of the person almost in all growth, and thus to paint manually. But hardly such an entertaining service can bring the businessman a good income. Another thing – 3D-printing and the younger generation. Now rather popular 3D-pens. They are inexpensive (cost somewhere from $30 to $100. But they allow in the form of a game to allow children to study, for example, some devices mechanisms. After all, the child can print the figures himself, assemble, and then – disassemble, or print details in different colors. The printing quality of such figures can be poor, but for children, it is enough. Therefore technologies of the 3D-press quite logically can be used in children’s entertaining centers, coworking, creative workshops, etc. And taking into account that these innovations will develop, and interest of children to a theme will be always at height. Thus, the combination of 3D printing and education in the business model is an excellent option.

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