How to make money woodworking: business ideas

The question of what can be made of wood immediately raises many thoughts and options. This is why wood, as the main raw material, is often used as the basis for the idea of home business.

And all because this business has several undeniable advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic material;
  • Live energy of products;
  • Rapid mastery of the material (even without special knowledge and experience the gap can be quickly filled with practical skill);
  • Availability of raw materials and their relative cheapness;
  • The interest of potential buyers in wooden products;
  • Can be used to manufacture almost any product;
  • No special space required (any room in the house will do).


There are very few disadvantages of working with wood, but here they are:

  • Work with sharp tools and a high risk of injury;
  • A large percentage of waste;
  • It’s mandatory to get permission from the fire department.

Implementation of the project on the manufacture of products from wood has the following features:

  • The volume of expenses depends on a business direction:
  • If the machine tool production is chosen, the costs will be from 100 thousand;
  • Manual cutting of a tree will entail expenses from $200 and more.

“Wooden” business will be suitable for those who:

  • Has a good taste and imagination;
  • Possesses creative potential;
  • Not afraid to take on new things and constantly develop;
  • Prefers physical labor;
  • The entrepreneur can count on net income from $2000 per month.

Woodworking projects that sell: top ideas

Typically, business ideas lie on the surface, like everything brilliant and simple, and business from wood to confirm it. Below we have compiled a whole list of the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell.

1. Production of ethnic souvenirs

Each city and region is visited by hundreds of tourists every day who want to take with them a memorable thing that would identify the traditions and identity of the peoples living there. That is why the business idea of making ethnic wooden souvenirs is profitable and promising.

The following alternatives can be chosen as a direction of activity:

  • Production of samples of endemic animals (which live only in a particular territory of Russia);
  • Creation of magnets;
  • Paintings of local tree species;
  • Wooden dishes or household items with indigenous symbols.

The pros of the idea:

  • The minimum cost of raw materials (from 1 thousand rubles);
  • Good demand;
  • Fast payback (the price of one item is usually 4-5 times its cost).

The cons of the idea:

  • It is necessary to get acquainted with the history of the city, residents and existing facilities;
  • It is better to sell near the sights of the city or at the stations, and for this purpose, it is necessary to coordinate the sale in advance with the administration, management.

2. Creating games for children

Wood is the most suitable and safest material for making toys.

Directions of manufacture of children’s toys from a tree simply incredible quantity, for example:

  • Developing busy-boards;
  • Dice;
  • Mini-kitchen;
  • House for dolls;
  • Xylophones;
  • Mosaics, puzzles, pyramids;
  • Christmas wood crafts
  • Cars, locomotives, railroad.

Having acquainted with offers of wooden toys available on the market, it becomes clear that most of them are imported from China (although this country buys wood in Russia). This fact leads to additional markups, which can be avoided if you manage to organize production in your home country.

Features of business:

  • It is possible to sell to private customers or establish cooperation with children’s store chains;
  • For the manufacture of the first batch will need a small number of raw materials;
  • It is necessary to think over an interesting product concept and be sure to add paints to it;
  • In the work it is better to avoid the use of adhesive solutions;
  • You can only specialize in one type of toys or produce products only for a specific age category of children;
  • There are about 5 large manufacturers of wooden toys on the market today.

The pros of the idea:

  • The products are very durable and can safely carry any kind of transport;
  • Great variety of product options;
  • Due to the naturalness and ecology of the material, wooden toys are more expensive.

The cons of the idea:

  • Toys are heavier than similar plastic products, which can affect transportation costs;
  • Wood is not suitable for making “water” toys.

3. Finishing materials

There is a phrase that repairs are eternal, it never ends, but only stops. Now a lot of different finishing materials for the interiors of apartments and houses, and the most popular are those made of wood.

An entrepreneur can earn a decent fortune by directing production to the manufacture of the following materials:

  • Kitchen facades (many believe that wood is an impractical material for kitchen facades, but covering it with a protective agent material becomes a highlight of the interior);
  • Interior and entrance doors;
  • Staircases (execution of staircase structures is paid very high – from 20-40 thousand per order);
  • Floor coverings.

Features of business:

  • The skill of working with special locksmith tools is mandatory;
  • The process is accompanied by thorough calculations;
  • Good demand is due to the popularity of embodiment in the house of eco-style;
  • Significant costs will be required to purchase materials;
  • Initial production costs from $1000;
  • Payback period – about half a year.

4. Interior items

An excellent idea for home business from wood can be the production of interior items, as the project has the following advantages:

  • Interior details are often bought spontaneously;
  • Always chained to the curious eyes of passers-by;
  • Production can be organized from raw materials that are freely available (branches, saws, etc.).

The range of offerings may include the following things:

  • Shelves;
  • Statuettes;
  • Frames;
  • Baskets;
  • Bedheads;
  • The panel;
  • Racks tables;
  • Clocks;
  • Hangers for clothes and much more.

Features of the idea:

  • Suitable for those who have boundless imagination;
  • Everything has to be individual;
  • Start-up costs can range from 1-10 thousand and above;
  • Fast payback, because with one realized thing can earn amounts 5-10 times higher than its cost.

Garden furniture

Many country house owners prefer eco-friendly materials and often prefer wood.

An entrepreneur who decides to create a business using wood can orientate production in two directions:

  • Manufacture of country houses, garden furniture:
  • Suspension swing;
  • Pavilions;
  • Rattan furniture (the most expensive);
  • Garden figures;
  • Tables for seedlings;
  • Chairs, benches for a picnic;
  • Folding sunbeds;
  • Cabinets for storage of garden accessories;
  • Manufacture of expendable garden material and equipment:
  • Cuttings for shovels;
  • Boxes for seedlings;
  • Floors for flowers.

Features of business:

  • It is possible to use both solid wood and lumber;
  • It is better to focus on private individual orders, but do not forget about other sources of sales (resellers, construction stores, hardware stores);
  • The income per month – from $2000;
  • The cost of organizing the business is covered for 1-3 months;
  • Goods should be available to customers with average incomes;
  • Products must meet quality conditions and be diverse;
  • The entrepreneur should think about the design of products (this will stand out from the mass of similar proposals).

Equipping playgrounds for children

In recent years, the government has begun to actively develop and equip children’s playgrounds. It should be noted that there are very few entrepreneurs in the market who sell these products, although there is a demand for them throughout Russia.

Features of the direction:

  • One game set brings profit in $400-1000;
  • The purchase of equipment and raw materials will cost about 200 thousand rubles;
  • Special education and practical experience are needed.

The pros of the idea:

  • Fast payback;
  • Little competition;
  • Large volumes of orders.

The cons of the idea:

  • Compliance with rules and manufacturing techniques (since we are talking about children) is mandatory;
  • Equipment will be required;
  • Requires staff;
  • State or municipal needs are met through tenders.

Luxury Furniture

The demand for quality of expensive furniture is growing every year. Wood is the most popular environmentally friendly material for use in living spaces.

Perspectivity of this idea of business out of wood proves that clients not so much buy finished products as making individual orders. A queue for quality furniture made of solid beech, oak, pine, birch in a few months is quite normal.

After reviewing the proposals that are available in the market, it becomes clear that elite furniture is made in two ways:

  • Import from abroad (Italy, Indonesia, and other countries);
  • Production “on the spot” and sale under the brand name of a well-known brand.

Recommended areas of activity:

  • Elite furniture to order on individual projects (beds, bedside tables, cabinets, kitchen drawers, dressers, etc.);
  • Sink production of elite furniture (several items): beds, dining tables, or office furniture.

Additional services (repair of elite furniture).

Features of business:

  • You can establish cooperation with a furniture salon, which is focused on serving your target audience;
  • It is very important to develop a beautiful website for product demonstrations. This should involve designers, photographers.
  • Well help in promoting business branded shop;
  • It is quite possible to communicate with customers only through the Internet, with social networking pages and a lot of feedback.

The pros of the idea:

  • High profitability. Profitability is more than 50% of the cost of materials and work;
  • Cooperation with VIP clients, who often have several real estate objects and can become regular customers;
  • Interesting creative work: Orders are mainly individual.

The cons of the idea:

  • Promotion is required. Without a brand, there will be little sales;
  • Special equipment for working with wood is needed, as an elite handmade chair made of solid beech is not something that can be made of wood easily and quickly.

Manufacture of coffins

Ritual business is a huge industry. Millions of people die every year. The most popular way to go to the other world – in a wooden box, called a coffin. Many are stopped by the moral and emotional components of this business, but the reality is that this is the right product that is in demand and helps people find peace.

This idea of wood business promises that coffins are faster and cheaper to produce than furniture, and they cost more. The role is played by the emotional factor: you can choose a kitchen or bedroom for months, and the coffin is required within one or two days.

Areas of activity:

  • Mass production of coffins, cooperation with a funeral home;
  • Individual production to order;
  • Manufacture of coffins from MDF, chipboard plywood, other materials.

Benefits of business:

  • Technically uncomplicated production;
  • Demand is always. The concept of seasonality is absent.

Cons of business:

  • Moral aspect: Not every wood craftsman is comfortable doing this production;
  • It is almost impossible to serve customers individually. You will have to work as a provider of ritual services.
  • Wooden poles for power lines

Wooden poles for power transmission lines

Wooden poles for transmission and communication lines are designed for a service life of 50 years and are still widely used by utilities and urban planning organizations.

Business Features

  • For the production of this product, it is necessary to establish cooperation with the supplier of ordinary pine (Pinus Sylvestris).
  • The processing of the raw material requires a large warehouse, as well as equipment for grinding, coating, edging, and transportation.

The advantages of business:

  • Great demand.
  • Only one concluded contract can provide the company with orders for many years.

Minuses of business:

  • Large-scale production, which requires a multimillion-dollar initial investment;
  • The business operates in the B2G sector, so it’s all about serving government agencies. And this entails the need to participate in tenders and tenders for contracts.

Preparation of wood for further commercial use

Products made of wood for sale, handicrafts made of wood with a jigsaw, furniture with your own hands – all this involves processing not only felled but also treated wood.

Cutting down oak or pine is not enough to produce a dresser or Christmas tree. For a log to become commercially usable, it must be turned into a board.

This business can be developed in two directions:

  • B2B (business to business) – wood processing and wood production for commercial customers;
  • B2C (business to customers) – the production of boards, plywood, chipboard, MDF, and other building materials for individuals.

Features of business:

  • The scheme of work is simple enough. To begin with, it is necessary to conclude a contract with a supplier of raw materials. It is easier to work in one direction – to process a pine, oak, or beech.
  • For each material, it is necessary to buy the corresponding woodworking equipment – circular saws, joints, support tables (workbenches), edging machines, lathes, grinders, and other machines.
  • Subsequently, the received material is sold through construction shops to end customers or supplied to commercial customers (furniture and other product manufacturers).

The advantages of business:

  • Wood is the most popular building material in the world. Demand for wood products has existed since ancient times, can not reduce it and modern technology (cheap metal, many varieties of plastics);
  • In the case of B2B (business to business) cooperation, one or more contracts may be enough to secure orders.

Minuses of business:

  • Big competition from Chinese and other manufacturers;
  • Large-scale production, which requires significant initial investment (vehicles, equipment, etc.).

Children’s wooden constructors

Among the toys that modern children like, a special place belongs to designers. The products of the world leader LEGO company have the only disadvantage – high price.

Alternative variants of Chinese manufacturers cost many times cheaper but lead to disappointment because even during the first assembly parts can break.

The idea is to design and produce wooden constructors, which are essentially a set of hundreds of elements.

Directions of business:

  • Production of wooden constructors for children;
  • Manufacture of puzzles and other products;
  • Manufacture of wooden constructors for adults (following the example of startup Ugears, which is led by designer Denis Ohrimenko);
  • Video: business idea for adult constructors – Ugears.

The pros of business:

  • Interesting creative work, traditionally high demand for such products;
  • Work with environmentally friendly materials;
  • It is possible to sell products through children’s and souvenir shops.

The cons of business:

  • Not all buyers understand the difference between quality and low-quality products when they buy goods in a store;
  • You will have to get safety certificates, so the products are designed for children.

Inscriptions, letters, and logos in wood

While different wooden products for sale mainly involve the production of various souvenirs, you can focus on serving corporate customers. Most often they are interested in buying inscriptions and logos made of plywood and wood.

Features of business:

  • For production, you will need not only plywood and jigsaw, as many believe, but also copying paper to transfer the pattern, glass paper for grinding, carpentry glue, transparent varnish. The equipment should buy a manual or an electric jigsaw.
  • This business is not mass production of wood products for sale, but the service of commercial customers.

The pros of the idea:

  • Huge selection of products for manufacture. The main thing – to have a drawing or computer model.
  • You can learn to work with the jigsaw within a week.

The cons of the idea:

  • Requires costs to attract customers;
  • It is not always possible to attract target customers, so many have to move to the production of souvenirs, and this is a very highly competitive area.

The production of table tennis tables

What can be made of wood for sale very quickly, if not a quality table tennis?

Unlike racquets, shoes, clothing, and other sports-related products, tables are less demanding. The main thing is to have a quality surface.

Branded tennis tables cost tens of thousands of rubles, while the production costs are only a few thousand.

A tennis table is a designer, the components of which are MDF or chipboard tabletops, wooden or aluminum legs, and netting.

Features of business:

  • A tennis table is an inexpensive but dimensional product, so the offer of free delivery can help you get ahead of the competition.

The pros of the idea:

  • No expensive equipment is required;
  • Demand is ad hoc. The idea to buy a table usually do not carry for years, the decision can be made at the time of viewing your site or page in social networks.

The cons of the idea:

  • Most buyers are private sector residents. And that means time and money spent on delivery.
  • Not every buyer understands the difference between quality and poor quality surfaces. Therefore, the best option should be found (chipboard surface, MDF, painted with inexpensive matt paint and aluminum legs).

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