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How to make good money during crisis doing part-time freelance jobs

We live in an amazing time: you can learn remotely, fall in love remotely, work remotely. In our time – the Internet, social networks, messengers – there are amazing opportunities to build their lives as convenient for us, not as usual. Many companies are increasingly turning to freelance and outsourcing, moving some employees to remote work or fix one day a week under the “home office” – on this day it is absolutely legal to stay with your laptop at home on the sofa.

I have collected for you a top 10 options freelance, which can normally earn. Do not take into account the often found vacancies on the Internet, when looking for a literal slave for a bad rice or tempting (hm) offers from the category of “at least some money on the phone” – filling out questionnaires on the Web, clicking promotional links, writing reviews of goods (5 rubles per review) and paid comments. No, no need for this shame – we’ll tell you about remote work, which can earn the average “office” salary, or even more.

Often in the world of freelance get straight from the decree – when women with small children begin to go crazy from the endless home day groundhog and, in order not to lose human appearance, begin to bake, sew, knit or write. And at some point, a hobby suddenly turns into a favorite job and begins to bring the real income. And that’s where we start.

freelance work illustration

1. Make money cooking

If your hands grow out of the right place and your cakes and cherry pies are poemmed by friends, you can try to develop a culinary home business. I know three success stories (homemade cakes, unusual gingerbread to order and original jam), when an innocent hobby at home suddenly gained momentum, turning into a profitable business with a higher salary than at the office.

In this business, there are many features. I think every cook has a couple of stories about how the family had sausage dinner in the hallway because all the tables in the apartment were filled with blanks for culinary masterpieces for sale. This is a situation where the home fridge is full of groceries to order when you sleep 2 hours a day because by morning you have to make 3 cakes.

What can I sell?

Homemade cakes, pies, pies, candies, pasta, dumplings, khinkali, cupcakes, muffins, figured gingerbread (they, by the way, are very popular to order for children’s birthdays, and gingerbread in the form of logos and company emblems – for corporations), jam-salted.

Calculating the total price of your delicious product is difficult enough. After all, it is necessary to consider not only the cost of all products but also the cost of water, electricity, detergents, packaging. On average, for example, the finished cake is sold at a price three times higher than the cost of products.

Where to sell where?

Social networks, local forums, sundered radio, your site, open cooking fairs.

How much money can you make cooking?

$2,000 – 4,000 a month.

2. Beauty industry

Manicure, pedicure, shellac, eyelash extension at home, sugaring, massage, makeup, eyebrow correction. All these types of services at home are very popular. Someone has no one to leave your child with and it is more convenient that the manicurist came home with his suitcase. Someone feels uncomfortable in the salons but wants beauty at the same time. The phones of good beauticians and manicurists are shared as secret knowledge. It’s one of the highest-paid jobs at home. Yes, to begin with, you will need to invest a lot of money: a folding table for massage, a lamp for shellac, professional tool kits, materials, training courses. But if you recruit regular customers, it can be a good steady salary.

How much money can you make?

$1500 and the sky is the limit

3. Sell on amazon handmade

If, again, your hands grow from the right place, that is, where to turn around. Cards/ diaries/ notebooks in the style of scrapbooking, memorable bouquets of sweets, which in the regions are surprisingly still held in the tops of gifts to teachers and educators, sling, jewelry, teaching alphabet of felt and educative toys, children’s mats, clothes, tilde dolls, and bi-boards. Do not be afraid of this terrible word! This is just a homemade educational board with fasteners, latches, chains, locks and an indispensable socket with a plug. Bisybords have a lot of respect for children and moms. And there is such a thing, by the way, from 3000 to 10 000 rubles!

Where to sell it?

Social networks, local forums, word-of-mouth, its website, “Fair of Masters” and similar on the Internet, weekend offline fairs. Business cards and leaflets with photos of your products can be placed/ distributed at kindergartens, schools, women’s clinics, maternity courses, in general, in places where your potential customers are located.

4. Work as a freelance copywriter

Articles for paper magazines, websites, social networking (SMM) for various companies and stores, content (news, pictures, interviews, articles). I do not know where the strange myth came from as if in a magazine or a site you can “get settled” only in some special way, somehow specifically “get there”. Everything is simple: there are a lot of publications, and they all need unique interesting texts. And there are not many good journalists. Write an article about what you are interested in, and offer it along with a list of those you are ready to write on, in a nice edition. If the article is good, you will get an answer. And they’ll buy it. And they’ll order more. It doesn’t matter what education you have if you have a portfolio. All that matters is what you write for the publication.

You can and should write for several magazines and websites at the same time, increasing your earnings.

How much does a freelance copywriter make?

The average rate for a Freelance Copywriter is $24.85 per hour in the United States.

5. Medical transcription jobs

That’s what I came into the freelance world 10 years ago and stayed there. My first remote work from home was deciphering radio shows and interviews for a Moscow radio station. Decrypting an hour-long audio recording costs about a thousand rubles. Literacy (ideally, so that no editing or proofreading is needed after you) and speed of printing are important in this work. The faster you print, the more you can earn. The blind ten-finger printing method for the decoder is everything. Auto substitutions in Word are also very helpful. Remember how you used to shorten words in lecture notes? By the same principle, you can enter the usual abbreviations in auto-replacement, which will immediately increase the speed of printing.

How much do medical transcription jobs pay?

The median annual wage for medical transcriptionists was $34,770. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $21,840, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $51,780.

6. Freelance teacher on skype

On “Skype” you can teach and learn almost everything – languages, physics, mathematics, correct make-up techniques, the technique of laying babies (yes! it is and it is sold!), methods of earning money on the Internet, secret techniques of searching for grooms – in general, everything in what you consider yourself a specialist.

Possible earnings:

$20+ an hour

7. Online training and webinars

I will simply list examples of real webinars that sell well: how to write texts, how to choose the right dishes for your kitchen, how to teach children to react in dangerous situations, how to eat properly, how to behave on dates, how to collect lunch boxes for children in school, how to learn to draw, how to correctly place furniture in the nursery. Their name is legion!

This is very convenient and therefore in demand format – you can learn something new without leaving home and without spending a lot of money. After all, the promoted useful webinar gathers several dozen people, which gives quite a decent income to a leading webinar.

8. Make money on eBay dropshipping (or any other dropshipping)

One of the most popular moms’ activities by decree. Almost always it starts with finding ways to save money on buying children’s clothes, shoes, toys. Often the prices for clothes and toys at online stores are cheaper than at offline stores. And in foreign online stores are cheaper than in Russian. But the cost of delivery levels out this benefit. Therefore, it is much more profitable to buy small wholesale.

What does the organizer of the JV? Find a profitable supplier, organizes the purchase, conducts an advertising campaign, finds participants, collects money from them, pays for the batch of goods that orders to your address (prepare at home for this place! Lots of space!) and distributes it to participants (for this purpose, prepare a lot of packages, scotch, stickers).

The organizational fee from the purchase is usually 15%. For example, the minimum order amount for a popular brand of clothing for pregnant women is 70,000 rubles, with the organizational fee of 15% is 10,500 rubles per batch. It is possible to conduct several ebay dropshipping purchases at once per month.

What can I order?

The most popular choices: children’s and women’s clothing, shoes, stationery (the big prize can be taken in August), children’s toys, hats, hairpins, rims, sweet gifts and toys for the New Year.

Where to look for customers?

The main target audience of joint purchases – mothers of small children. Look for them in their natural habitat: sites for moms, Facebook groups, community forums (almost every women’s forum has a separate branch for the JV), moms hang out in the yard and playground.

9. Get a remote help desk job as a call center operators

Answer client calls on behalf of the company can be directly from home, in pajamas. There are quite a few vacancies of this kind on websites. That’s a plus. The downside is, this job is fairly monotonous, requires incredible Zen and hell.

10. Freelance sales jobs

You can earn sales by becoming a salesperson (we recently wrote about network marketing – this is just it). Cosmetics, dietary supplements, vitamins, dishes – the main directions. It is better to pick what you personally like. You can earn good money in this area by selling only what you believe in, what you trust, what you are happy to use. Those who’s just gotten their freelance sales jobs are welcome in any company, because the more reps, the wider the network, the more money you earn. In this work it is important to be very sociable, active and creative, have many friends online and offline.


Lose sense of proportion, become too intrusive and lose friends. So we lost a friend who became a catalog distributor of cosmetics – and the abyss absorbed it. She quite quickly achieved success in this field, became the head of the chiefs, went to training sessions that were held in various pleasant places at seaside resorts, for example. But after two years, she was no longer able to talk about anything but work. She always came to visit with a bag of catalogs, and her birthday gifts became predictable, to say the least.

How much do freelance sales jobs pay?

It absolutely depends on the number of sales you generate.

What to choose?

Actually, whatever that you do well and with pleasure is sold. If you are good at writing texts, making pancakes, baking pies, plucking eyebrows, putting children to bed, reading books – all this can be sold! Find a suitable format for you (webinar, Skype consultation or personal meeting, a ready-made product from hand to hand), come up with a bright name for your project and a description, build a pricing policy (this is one of the most difficult moments – to evaluate your work) and start offering and advertising your product.

Benefits of remote work

I only appreciated the incredible possibilities of freelance when I had children. The main bonus of freelance for me is that during breaks, which are in any work, you can sporadically prepare lunch and dinner, to do a minimum cleaning at home. And in the evening you can have a good rest – from work, and trouble around the house. For me, it’s just priceless. Sometimes, when I start to miss working in the team, I look at my friends, who come home at 7 pm after work and take the second shift at home – and then, again and again, I realize that I will probably never be able to leave the freelance.

Working from home, you save on travel, business lunches (home dinner is always cheaper – and even more useful!), office clothes.

If the work is not on time, but on tasks (to make a catalog, write an article, write three posts a day in the social network, decipher the interview, bake a cake), you can choose a convenient time for its implementation, which suits you personally in your mode and schedule – early morning, when they are still sleeping, the first half of the day, while the children in the garden, or at night. But there is work that requires an 8-hour computer presence, although in the freelance world this is more of an exception.

You won’t have a vampire chef or nasty coworkers on the freelance. And you won’t have pleasant colleagues either, but you can already read about it in the section about downsides.

The downsides of freelance

  • You have to force yourself to go outdoors because there is not even a minimum of fresh air that gives the way to work and back. The risk of finding yourself at home buried under the Big Project, in pajamas, with your head unwashed, without contact with the outside world during the last week is huge.
  • No New Year’s and no other corporate parties (my pain!).
  • Constant runs to the fridge during the working day (my pain-2!).
  • It takes more inner motivation to take care of yourself. Working “in people” a priori implies makeup, hair, manicure, decent clothes. It is much harder to organize yourself at home on all these points.
  • There are no living people around, joint tea and smokes, cheerful chirping with colleagues. I know that not everyone needs it, but for me, it is important (my pain-3!).
  • If not only you work from home, but also your life partner, you will have to agree on many things and develop special rules so as not to interfere with the work and not to bite each other’s heads off.
  • You won’t be on sick leave. Not ever. With a fever of 40, with a sick child under your arm, you will have to submit projects on time.

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