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How to become a technical recruiter and stand out

Do you want to become a recruiter? It makes sense to start with the question, “Why would you want to do that?”

Certainly, this is the trend now and everyone wants to “get in touch”, but still?
The answer like “I like to communicate, help people find themselves, change someone’s life for the better” does not count. Since the knowledge of psychology and the ability to support conversation will be valuable only in combination with the ability to operate with numbers, the ability to understand technology, analytical thinking and the desire to understand the needs of the business.
Recruitment is the skill of connecting talented specialists and businesses so that all parties would be happy.

How to become a technical recruiter and stand out cover image
What’s a technical recruiter job description?

Here’s a typical recruiting week:

  • planning tasks and setting top priorities;
  • communications with candidates – mailing letters, answering questions;
  • interviewing;
  • interview reports – a description of the candidate’s suitability for the job;
  • preparation of reports on the vacancy (how many candidates were gotten in touch with and interviewed, who was at what stage, how long the vacancy is, etc.);
  • participation in meetings of the recruitment team;
  • communication with internal or external clients;
  • inclusion of all information in the internal database;
  • solving a variety of current tasks.

Make sure to check the detailed technical recruiter job description from a specific company when before accepting their job offer.

If we talk about Senior Recruiter or the only Recruiter in the company, the functionalities are somewhat broader. Such a person is not just looking for talents but also plans the necessary number of employees. He collects and analyzes information about the company’s plans, takes into account the turnover and predicts the need for people based on this information.

A good specialist can assess whether the need for people can be met by existing employees.

If a change in technology or the hiring of managers is planned, it is important to consider who has the potential for growth within the company and the desire to develop new skills. If recruitment and HR functions are separated into a company, it is important to coordinate whether there is time to train/ retrain current employees or whether it is necessary to hire new people in the team.

What is the average technical recruiter salary?

A mid-career Technical Recruiter with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $69,201. Not too shabby, right? And don’t forget that a senior technical recruiter salary goes far beyond these figures.

What is a job profile and why do I need it?

When you have a recruitment plan, you just have to go and find the best candidates. But first, you have to understand what “the best” means to you. A professional recruiter has a clearly defined job profile for the company – with skills requirements and a description of the future tasks of the person. It is not a tick, but a job description. And, of course, the recruitment process should be structured to identify the candidate’s compliance with this profile.

It is important to understand whether the person we take to the team and whether we will not have to say goodbye to him soon.

How do we convince the candidates?

Talk to the managers and find out who the asterisk in the team is and how it differs from other employees. Then talk to these star employees to understand what’s special about them, why they stay in the company, and what motivates them.
From this conversation, form an attractive offer for new candidates. After all, a good recruiter, like a good salesperson, must know the advantages of a product (company), be able to identify the needs of candidates and understand how its product can meet these needs.

If you want to attract the best programmers to the company, think about what you “sell”.
– What product do you create and for whom?
– What career can people build and what experience do you have?
– Who will they work with? Programmers need to work with the same professionals and obey a manager who is stronger than them in professional terms, from whom you can learn something and who will understand without translation from technical language to human language.
– Under what conditions will people work? Here, the salary, the office, the equipment – in general, all the benefits that you have. By the way, a competent manner knows how to place accents correctly. If the salary is lower than the market, he will be able to show other advantages: training, new technologies, interesting product, cool manager, flexible schedule, remote work …

What else should be considered and analyzed?

The recruiter must also keep in mind efficiency, including cost per hire. That is, what it costs to hire 1 person. It is necessary to be able to analyze the efficiency of search channels, the funnel of candidates, at what stage they fall off and, most importantly, to draw the right conclusions from it. This is only part of the numbers that the recruiter needs to work with.
So it’s not as simple as it might seem at first.

Where should I go to study to get technical recruiter jobs?

There are no special requirements for education – we are in IT, after all. But you need to understand the industry and keep an eye on the market. It’s important to have a decent level of English – you can’t go anywhere without it. Plus good communication skills and the ability to understand business processes.
Not always a company needs rock stars, sometimes you just need someone who can solve the current pain and improve processes.
At the entrance, you can take a special course that pumps basic skills. But here, be careful and carefully approach the choice – the market is a crowd of schools that promise to make a good job.
Speaking of our team, we noticed some of our guys just during the training and never let go again.
Often, however, beginners begin by studying on their own and go to courses only to structure and consolidate knowledge.

Where do I start?

1. Introduction to the IT market and its specifics.
2. With a basic introduction to technology.
3. Read, listen, learn from the opinion leaders in the HR-IT industry. Watch webinars and conference talks.
Look for feedback from your IT friends – ask about technologies and projects. For example, how everything is arranged and on what the choice of this particular language or framework for a particular product depends. Do not be afraid to ask questions – it is a very useful skill.
5. Develop written communication skills – basic literacy and dialogue skills are important in recruitment.
6. 6. We try to share our tools and likes on our blog. It would be great if our materials could help one of our readers – this is why we create them.
7. Keep pumping knowledge and skills: search and communication tools, negotiation, technology, coaching. Attend meetings and conferences, build networking.
I am convinced that recruiting is not indifferent. Any business is about people. That’s why empathy, honesty, and adequacy are just must-haves.
And the success of the project depends on the right selection. If you want to help the business to grow and develop the team – it means recruitment – it’s about you.

An example of a technical recruiter resume.

Here’s just an example, but don’t forget to be creative and stand out!

example of a technical recruiter resume (cv)

Technical recruiter interview questions

1. Can you describe the technical skills necessary for an applicant for a software engineer position?
2. How would you document, compile and present a list of the best applicants to the hiring manager?
3. Which platforms are best suited to sourcing IT specialists?
4. What would you do if you disagreed with a hiring manager about the requirements for a particular job?
5. What would you put in the job description for a computer programmer?
Check out more technical recruiter interview questions in our article.
Now that you know how to become a technical recruiter, don’t hesitate and go ahead create your resume and hit the ground running. Good luck!

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