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How to become a basketball coach

In sport, training takes place during training. A coach trains his students and helps them to improve their skills.

Even talented and experienced athletes owe much of their success to their coaches.

Some coaches work in what is known as a mass sport. Others are engaged in preparing future sports stars because even in an ordinary children’s sports section you can open a talented athlete. But you also need a special coaching talent for that.

The main task of a coach is to reveal an athlete’s abilities, to teach him to use the resources of his body to win. To do this, you need to competently build up a training mode, distribute the loads, select effective exercises.

But sport is not only physical strength and agility. An athlete must understand the peculiarities of his physiology, be able to control both his body and emotions. A coach is engaged in theoretical and psychological training of his pupils. He imparts discipline to them, inspires them to win, and if necessary, knows how to find medicinal words for star disease.

How to become a basketball coach
How to become a basketball coach


All this is possible only in one case: students must trust their mentor unconditionally – both as a professional and just as a human. 

With the help of a doctor, the trainer monitors the health of his wards, selects a suitable diet, and helps to cope with minor injuries that occur in sports.

Preparing for competitions – always requires dedication and time, and strength. The larger the competition, the tighter the training schedule. In addition, a coach has to travel on business trips to both competitions and training camps.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to become a coach and stand out.


Schools, sports complexes, sports and fitness clubs, sports sections at educational institutions, medical institutions, professional sports organizations, etc.

Important qualities

Love for sports, determination, methodically, ambition and patience, fairness, objectivity in assessing their own results and achievements of their students, the willingness to improve themselves.

Knowledge and skills for basketball coaches

If you’re thinking about how to become a basketball coach, you should be prepared to gain an important skillset. Perhaps the most important and exciting question is what kind of baggage of knowledge you can start working with as a basketball coach. Someone thinks that education is enough and starts training, not having sufficient competence, putting the team at risk. Others make a list of institutions and courses that need to be completed in order to feel confident in their knowledge and spend time and money on their completion. Where is the golden mean?

Coaching high school basketball
Coaching high school basketball

A trainer must have a good knowledge of training methods, know the basics of physiology, medicine, psychology. Know what happens in the world of sports.

The arsenal of a basketball coach should have the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Higher physical education or medical education. Complex knowledge forms certain thinking gives an understanding of what happens to a person during physical activity.
  • Continuing education, regular courses in selected and related areas.
  • Sporty appearance.
  • Communication skills.
  • An additional advantage is given by sports achievements, ability to work in a team.

If we talk about the knowledge base, it is necessary to learn:

  • anatomy;
  • the physiology of muscular activity;
  • biomechanics;
  • theory and methods of physical education;
  • dietetics.

At the basic level, a trainer must have basic concepts about these areas, and with experience to deepen knowledge.

It is not necessary to try to cover everything at once, otherwise, the knowledge will not be learned. The system is formed gradually: from general to private. I recommend once in three months to attend seminars, workshops to improve professional skills, then implement them in practice and only then proceed to the next courses. 

High school basketball coach salary

The majority of salaries within the High School Basketball Coaching jobs category currently range between $32,500 and $55,000 across the United States. 

NBA assistant coach salary

Most NBA assistant coaches earn between $100,000 and $1,000,000 a year depending on the coach’s experience, according to a recent article in The Washington Post.

So if scoring college basketball coaching jobs are not as appealing, you could always aim for an appealing NBA job!

3 reasons to become a basketball coach

  1. The Coach profession is among the most popular professions in the world.

Now people are beginning to think more and more about their own health and good physical shape, longevity, and active image. All this is impossible without training, so fitness centers and gyms are opening more and more, and therefore the need for coaches is increasing. 

  1. Continuous training

If you used to have to allocate time for training, now training will be part of your job. So you will be able to easily maintain good physical shape, increase muscle mass whether to lose weight and all this – for free.

  1. Communicating with like-minded people

The greatest motivation for a person is to communicate with like-minded people. Working in the gym, you will easily resist the temptation to break the diet or miss training, because you will be surrounded by those who, like you, strive to strictly follow the training programs.

In addition, you need to be an example to your customers, so no indulgence – you need to look perfect to motivate others and set the right example.

Tips on how to be a coach

Develop a coaching philosophy 

The ways to achieve this are different, but it requires using everything you learn from the game, observing, reading, and interacting with others, using it as the basis for your own approach to becoming a good basketball coach.

Find the best plans

Find out the best way to prepare for each game, and use this tactic in key exercises and schemes in training and transfer them to the game.

Maintain the fun in training

Avoid uniformity during training. Exercises and game segments should not last longer than 10 – 12 minutes. Players get mentally tired of the monotonous and long repetition. When the basketball coach varies the training procedures, there is a better chance to maintain the interest and attention of the players.

Strive for excellence in basic training

Basketball individual fundamental technique is often the main key to excellent performance during the game, as a coach, you must make sure that your players are doing the elements of the technique correctly. Give values to the trifles of the technical execution. There should be no trifles in basketball.

Use the best qualities of your players

Identify the strengths of your players and use them where they can best benefit the team.

Always encourage your team’s efforts

While players should be encouraged to perform playing tasks to the best of their abilities, the basketball coach should also make sure that each player contributes to the team’s collective effort.

Ensure that discipline is maintained …but be reasonable.

Too harsh coached are feared and disrespected. A basketball coach must encourage discipline among his players while maintaining each player’s personal needs in the game so that they do not lose their individuality. Praise more often than scold.

Build a good relationship with all players.

One of the worst things you can do as a coach is to focus all your energy and attention on your strong players. Every player should feel his role in team life and the game, no matter how much time he spends on the court. When a player is not efficient enough in today’s game, then a little attention and one-on-one conversations can be all that he needs to improve his game the next day.

Watch as many basketball games as possible and try to understand what is happening on the court not as a spectator, but as a coach. Note the combinations that the team makes in the offense, what defense options the team uses, why and when the coach takes timeouts in the game, why the coach makes substitutions, how and why one team makes an interesting game and the other one is boring and so on.

Come up with your own combinations of ideas and meaning. Just don’t think that whoever has better combinations wins the game. Combinations only organize and discipline the attack, points score players with their skill and creativity on the site.

And in conclusion, again, it is important to understand whether you like this job or not. The fact is that it will not always be easy and enjoyable in this case, as well as in life in general. But if you understand that you are interested in it, many difficulties will pass unnoticed and the joy of victory, success, and satisfaction will come.

So now you know how to become a basketball coach and how much money can you make. Feel tempted yet? Let us know in the comments 





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